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Everyone in attendance at your function is guaranteed to enjoy the entertainment artistry of Sal Manfredo, as his Magic and More Entertainment lives its mission on a daily basis:

Provide Quality Entertainment, the Whole Family Will Enjoy, At An Affordable Price !

Celebrating 40 years of experience entertaining audiences of all ages, Sal Manfredo has been engaged at events throughout the United States, Europe, and South America. Whether its magic, comedy, or the awe of watching a balloon become a work of art, you and your group will be entertained beyond belief.

Sal's vast knowledge of the art of entertaining with performances of magic, combined with the ability to do over 100 different styles of balloon sculptures, makes him a well rounded artist apart from the rest. And, his special brand of entertainment can bring your events coverage to be seen on TV and in Newspapers.

His antics  have been seen:

  • By numerous Ambassadors, Council Generals, and other visiting heads of State.

  • In multiple news reports and interviews on local NBC, CBS, ABC affiliate stations. 

  • Featured on the Armed Forces Radio and Television System (AFRTS), as he performed for various charity functions, parades and fairs around the world.

  • Featured the well-known national school paper "The Weekly Reader", which published an article about one of his numerous elementary school shows.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Not just an entertainer, Sal is concerned that you, as his client, gets the atmosphere and entertainment you are looking for at your next event. Here's what makes us Magic and More:

Individually designed shows

All shows are specifically designed for the audience’s demographics and venue. Effects that play well for three to six year olds birthday party will not play well for the 18 to 25 age group on stage


Audience participation

Various audience members are used to assist with 90 to 95 percent of all the magic I perform at a venue. Audience interactive shows are very important as it gives members of the audience a chance to be the center of attention in front of there peers.



Magic and laughter is universal, but being fluent in both the English and Spanish languages Sal makes his magic especially appealing.

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